The Essential Care Tips For the Boxer Dog

Caring for your boxer dog breed involves doing various things. Caring for your pet should not be an option, but something you need to do. The care you give to your boxer dog has some effects on the health of the dog. Therefore you need to ensure you provide the necessary care before its late. Some of the consequences of delayed dog care are such as; leads to diagnosing conditions at their final stages, reduce the dog’s lifespan, affecting its overall health, and many more. Therefore this article discusses the top care tips for your boxer dog. Those care tips include;

Provide great meals

Giving your boxer dog a healthy meal is among the top care tip. That is because every living thing needs food for better health. You need to research the various healthy foods that are good for your boxer dog. Ensure you avoid the packed foods that contain different chemical flavors. Food that contains such chemicals has both long term and short term effects on your dog. They can trigger some conditions such as digestion upset, unhealthy dog coat. Finally, when giving your dog treats, you should ensure the snacks are free from chemicals. Some of the best fresh fruits you can offer to your boxer dog are such as peas, potato, raspberries, strawberries, carrots, and many more. 

Give your dog treated water

Many pet owners do give their pets water from untreated sources. Therefore one of the essential care tips for the boxer breed is providing it with treated water. Treated water is free from various metals that are known to cause cancer. Studies indicate that tumors are among the most common boxer dogs’ illnesses. Many things can cause dog tumors, one cause being drinking water that contains toxic elements such as pesticides, fluoride, and many more. It is recommended to provide your dog with treated water and ensure you do not give it more than the recommended volume of 1.5 cups for every ten pounds of boxer dog weight.

The Essential Care Tips For the Boxer Dog
The Essential Care Tips For the Boxer Dog

Frequent exercise

Daily exercises are very crucial for better health of the boxer dog. For the puppies, it is healthy to make them walk for a minimum of 20 minutes twice a day. That means puppies should walk for around 20 minutes once or twice a day. For adult dogs, they can exercise as much as two hours every day. The health benefits of boxer dogs exercise are such as; improving the metabolism rate, reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease, and help in building the muscles and much more. Therefore ensure you train your dog each day for optimal health.

Proof your house

Puppy proofing is an essential thing to do before bringing your favorite boxer dog in your home. You need to ensure the puppy arrives in the right place. For the best puppy-proofing, you need to keep away all the items that can cause many adverse effects to your boxer dog. Since the dog will move around your house every time, ensure there are no dangerous things that can harm it. During dog’s operations, various things such as shoelaces, needles, Band-Aids, and many more have been removed from the dog’s stomach. Protect your dog by having a good puppy checklist before bringing it home. 

Control the ingestion

Controlling the ingestion rate for your dog is another vital thing to do. The boxer breed has a high chance of bloating if you do not control their ingestion. It would help if you used things such as a slow feeder bowl to give your dog meals. There are a variety of slow feeder bowls for food and water that you can buy. 

Boxer coat care

Boxer dogs have a unique coating that requires regular attention. It is your duty as the pet owner to ensure your boxer dog is kept clean as possible. There are various products that you can get from local stores to protect the boxer coating. Ensure your boxer dog bath at least one in every three weeks to avoid a high risk of some infections. After bathing the dog, scrub to ensure the coat is free from loose hair.

The Essential Care Tips For the Boxer Dog
The Essential Care Tips For the Boxer Dog

Take care of its eyes, nose, and paw

Eye boogers are among the everyday eye build-ups caused by things such as eye infection or a retina cut. It is recommended to use a canine eye wipe for cleaning the dog eye. Also, remember to take care of the paws and the nose.

By considering the boxer dog care tips discussed above, you will be able to maintain your dog’s health at its optimal state.

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