Sphynx Cat: A Full Profile

Cats are lovely domestic animals. Many pet lovers want to have them as a pet. Sphynx is one of the most recognizable cat breeds. They are loveable and active as well. This particular breed is highly energetic. Sphynx cat loves to get the attention of the crowd. They want to be the centre of all attractions as well. This cat is a medium-sized cat with striking appearance features. You can easily spot them as they have less hair in their body and head. Apart from this, they have wrinkled skin and long ears as well. Sphynx cat has the muscular body as well. You can identify them from their distinctive body structure and appearance. 

So, let’s check some more details about this particular cat breed. 

Sphynx cat history

This particular cat breed is very much popular for its less hair. This particular cat is originally a Canadian breed. They originate from Toronto, Canada in the year 1966. This hairlessness is basically due to the genetic mutation. Some cat lovers love them so much just for their hairlessness appearance. This is one of the striking and unusual characteristics. After its origin, they made their way to America and popular just because of their hairless appearance. At that time, this particular cat was one of the popular pet choices in North America. They also got the same popularity and fame in Western Europe. 

This particular cat breed was recognized in the year 2005 by The International Cat Association. In the year 2002, they were recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. 

The unusual look of Sphynx was very much attractive and attention-grabbing. The cat lovers prefer this particular breed as they do not need to deal with their shedding. But if you prefer a cat who is fun-loving and affectionate, then you should choose this particular cat breed. Sphynx cat is one of the most popular cat breeds. 

Sphynx Cat
Sphynx Cat: A Full Profile Image by pixabay.com

Sphynx cat characteristics

If you look at them for the first time, then you will notice that they are fully bald. But while you go close to them only then you can recognize their short coat which is very fine. This short and fine coat will give them a suede finishing. This particular cat breed comes in medium to large sizes. Their ears are large enough and you can easily identify them. Their ears are open and wide and much similar to the ears of a bat. 

Their eyes are round and wide. You can also say that their eyes are lemon-shaped. The eyes of this particular cat breed give them a friendly and approachable appearance. The cheekbones of this cat are prominent and it proves their regalness of the Egyptian cats. 

This cat is very much energetic and active. They are a truly acrobatic performer. They can perform well in order to get the attention of the crowd. This cat has an excellent sense of humour. 

This cat is friendly and loving as well. This particular cat breed is very much loyal and they love to follow you in whatever and wherever you are going. They always find the opportunity to curl up in your lap and perch on your shoulder. This cat is very much intelligent and curious as well. This is a very much popular indoor cat. They can easily mingle with other pets and children in your house. 

You cannot leave them in cold, they do not like it. They appreciate living in the central heating area. If you take them outside in the sun, then you will have to take some protection for their pale skin. 

Sphynx cat colours

You have already seen that Sphynx cat has a large body and wrinkled and bald skin. They have round bellies and broad chests. They also have saggy skin. They have large and wedge-shaped heads and lemon-shaped eyes as well. This structure gives them a curious expression and it also matches their intelligence. 

They have a lack of hair but the coat colours do not lack variety. They have glorious colours and patterns. These colours are such as follows:

  • black
  • white
  • red
  • tabby
  • lavender
  • chocolate
  • mink
  • pointed
  • calico

They have a very fine and soft coat all over their body. They have a whip-like tail and also have thicker paw pads than normal. 

Sphynx Cat
Sphynx Cat: A Full Profile Image by pixabay.com

Sphynx cat price

This cat breed is one of the most expensive breeds in the world. They are very much popular for their angular face cutting, large ears and hairless bodies. The overall price of the cat depends on the qualities of them. You need to spend $300 to $3000 for this particular breed. 

This cat breed is very much expensive as they are rare and very hard to find. The demand for this cat is very high, so, it is an expensive one. This is one of the most popular purebred cats. 

It is very much expensive to breed this popular cat. It is a huge financial liabilities. They also need a high-quality diet. So, it is very much expensive to have this pet. You need to spend a lot over them as they belong to some regal breed. But this cat worths the high price. 

Sphynx cat care

This cat breed is very prone to some skin problems such as fungal infection and rashes as well. You also need to take care of this particular cat breed, protecting from sunburn. You need to take them for annual check-ups and give them vaccines. 

This cat is very much unique and they have their likes and dislikes. Their preference is very much prominent when it comes to the matter of food. The amount of food may vary due to their age. If your cat is energetic and growing as well, then they need specific and high-quality diet chart. The right amount of food is very much needed to maintain their perfect body condition. 

As an owner, you need to pay a lot of attention in order to keep their body clean all the time. You need to bath and sponge them every week to prevent the oil secretion. You need to clean the outer part of their ears as well. It will prevent the ear infection of your cat. 

This is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. You will fell in love with their characteristics and appearance.

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