Siberian Husky

Many dog lovers love to have Siberian Husky while they first see them. As they are classic northern dogs, they are friendly and intelligent. This breed of dog is very much well-known for the sledge-pulling feature. Actually, they are bred to help the Chukchi people or creed of Siberia. For them, these people can hunt more easily. This particular breed of dog is friendly, sweet and loyal as well. This dog breed is made for racing over the frozen Alaska. They were also used to deliver very important and life-saving diphtheria serum to the remote area of Nome. 

If you want a dog who loves the companion of children, can be your best partner and also greet the guests. They are very good at providing leadership as well. This particular breed of dog is a perfect choice of pet for you.

Siberian Husky History and Information

You can easily identify their northern heritage due to their compact body, erect ears, thick tail and well-furred coat. The ancestors of this particular breed were actually bred in North-eastern Asia by a group of Chukchi people around 3000 years ago. They are not a hybrid of dog-wolf. In the previous time, this dog has also pulled the heavy sledges over the long distance. The Chukchi tribe had to go to the sea for hunting. For the sledging purpose, this dog was perfect for them. 

In the year 1909, this breed of dog was brought to North America by Chukchi people from Siberia. They were proved to be the fast runner among their competitors. The breed was familiarized for their endurance. 

This breed was also used for the Byrd Antarctic Expedition. They also performed gallantly with the Army during the time of World War II. 

Nowadays, this particular breed of dog is very well-known for pet. They are the perfect option for family pet. 

Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Price

If you want to bring this breed to your home, then you need to pay between 800 and 1100 Euros with full registration. If you bring an old husky, then you will have to check their vaccination and all. You will also have to ensure the important paperwork at the time of sale. 

Apart from this, after bringing them home, you will have to calculate the cost of their regular food, toys and medical expenses as well. 

Siberian Husky Colour

You may think that huskies are available only in grey and white or white and black coat. But it is not true. The colour of the huskies may vary greatly. According to the American Kennel Club, it is proved that huskies are available in different colour varieties such as red, sable, black, agouti and white as well. The agouti coloured huskies are rare. This is called as wild colouring. It is almost looking like wolves. 

Apart from their coats, the colours of eyes are also varied. The variations are such as follows:

  • Blue eyes: This is very common for all of us. We can imagine this picture when we think of the huskies.
  • Amber eyes: This colour of eyes is actually seen in red and white or pure white huskies.
  • Brown eyes: The deep rich brown colour.
  • Split eyes: In this category, the colour of the eye is divided in two halves. As an example, the top half may be blue and the bottom or left half may be brown and the right half may be blue. It can happen to the two eyes or the on eye as well.
  • Bi-eyed: The colour of the eyes is different in this category. For example, one may blue or one may brown.
  • Parti-eyed: This is a rare combination. This is the mixture of an eye with one colour and the spots of different colour. For example, the blue eye with brown spots.
Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky Care

They are very popular pet among so many families. They need the proper exercise of 30 to 60 minutes. It is very much important to keep them active and eliminate their boredom as well. If you love to do jogging then they will be your great companion. They need lot of working in order to stay active and happy. According to the standard of their breed, they look well-furred. The top coat of the fur is very much smooth. The undercoat is very much dense. They shed throughout the whole year. So, you will have to take care of this issue. You can use the shed blade for this purpose. 

The bath is not necessary for them. They are actually very clean dog. They do not have any little odour. You can take the basic care of them. You can trim their nails as needed. You will have to brush their teeth regularly. 

They are very much active. They need a lot amount of exercise. They prefer to do long jump, long run, jogging and hiking as well. In the cold weather, they also love to pull. 

They are brilliant and outstanding dog. They do not need so much training or grooming. They are the perfect option of pet for your family. 

Siberian Husky Food

It is recommended to give them daily amount of 1 and to 2 cups of high-quality and high-standard dry foods divided in two portions. These dogs are very much well-known for easy keeping. They need a little amount of food according to their sizes. So, it varies as per their sizes. 

For their healthy coat and skin, they need top-class food. In the summer months, it is recommended to give them a lower amount of protein. You will have to monitor their weight and be careful about the over-feeding tendency. You will have to be selective about the brand of the food supplements. 

They are very much popular pet dogs. If you want them to be healthy, you will have to keep them active. They can do any kinds of exercises. But you will have to take care of them. You will also have to give them the proper food and put them on the perfect diet plan. For this, you can consult your vet doctor. They can guide you properly in this matter.

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