Siamese Cats

The cat lover will love to have this cat. This cat is very sophisticated. The structure of body and neck of the Siamese cat is long enough. The size of this particular cat breed is medium but they have nice muscle. They are very much popular for their sleek and distinctive appearance. In the domestic list of cat breeds, this is an old cat breed in the world. They made their first appearance in the Victorian England. This cat was very much popular and well-known as the Royal and sophisticated cat of Siam. 

Siamese cat history

If you search in history, then you can see this cat is the oldest one. This particular breed was first originated in Thailand around the 14th Century. It is the most believed fact. This particular breed of cat is a famous and eminent temple cat of Siam King. These cats are very much popular for their beauty. Apart from this, these cats were very much efficient as guard cats as well. These cats were perched on the big columns all around the kingdom of the king. These cats were jumped from the pillar if anyone threatened and tried to attack the King. They also knocked down the person on the floor. 

The first cat of this particular breed was a gift from the part of Siam King. That particular gift was for the General of English Consulate in Bangkok during late 1800. In the year 1884, they came to England. The Siam King also gifted the first cat to one of his friends belongs to the United States. Since World War II, this cat was a very rare breed. But in today’s world, Siamese is very much popular and well-known cats by the Cat Fanciers Association. 

Siamese Cats
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Siamese cat characteristics

You must see the Disney’s ‘Lady and the Tramp’ hear the lines by two Siamese. Those lines of the song express the characteristics of Siamese perfectly. The important feature of this cat is that they are very much talkative. They always want to give their opinion about things. They tell their owner what they exactly want. Their voice is very much loud and raspy. They want to get your attention. They are very much helpful. They follow your every step. While you will seat idle, then they will come to sit on your lap. At the night time, they love to sleep in bed beside you. 

If you are a cat lover and want to spend enough time with the cats, then Siamese is the best choice for you. They will talk with you throughout the day. This particular cat breed does not like to spend a long time alone. They want a companion. You should not leave them alone without any types of entertainments. They will be bored very soon. If you want to interact with your cat so much, then you should adapt this breed. This cat is loyal and loving as well. 

He is very much popular since the people like the voice and appearance of this particular cat breed. The Siamese cats come in two types such as traditional and show. The traditional Siamese are known as the apple-headed Siamese. They have a round-shaped head and chunky type body as well. On the contrary, the show Siamese work in modern art. This type of Siamese has long legs and a tubular body. They have a triangular-shaped body with wedge headed. Both breeds have bright blue eyes. They both share the same beautiful and attractive personality. 

Siamese cat colours

The colours and coats of this particular cat breed depend on the standard of their particular organization. Siamese has a muscular body with long legs. The short-coated Siamese has a fine texture. They come in four different colours such as follows:

  • The seal point: A pale fawn over the cream coloured body with the deep brown points and brown nose part and paws as well.
  • The chocolate point: The milk-chocolate coloured points with the ivory body. Cinnamon pink nose part and paws as well.
  • Blue point: The blue and white combination body with deep blue points. Slate coloured nose part and paws as well.
  • Lilac point: A glacial coloured white body with grey and pink marks. Lavender shaded pink nose part and paws as well.

They are very much popular for their distinctive appearance and characteristic features. It is the most striking cat breed in the world with unique appearance. It comes in different varieties of colours and coatings. You can get so many unusual colours in these cat breeds. 

Siamese Cats
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Siamese cat price

This particular cat breed is a loyal companion oh human beings. They are beautiful cat breeds. As you have already known the fact this particular cat is one of the ancient and unique cats in the world. You can get the Siamese kitten anywhere from around $250 to $1000. But the adult Siamese can cost more than $1000. They are very popular due to their look appearance with long slim legs and attractive blue eyes. Apart from the buying cost, you should also consider the costs of their upbringing. They are royal cats and they want the treatment like a royal as well. The cost of these cats may vary due to their unique and distinctive point markings. 

Siamese cat care

This cat breed has a short coat. So, they are very easy to groom. You will have to brush their coat weekly in order to remove the dead skin cells and hair. You will have to brush and wash their teeth in order to avoid any types of dental issues and bad breath. For the best dental hygiene, the regular brushing is very much needed. But if you do not find enough time, then you can do it once in a week. 

You will have to keep them indoor only. It is the best way to prevent them from any types of diseases. You need to trim their nails every 14 days gap. 

This particular cat breed is very much active and the best pet choice for families. They learn the tricks quickly and love the attention so much.

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