Ragdoll Cats

If you are a cat lover and want a gentle and affectionate cat, Ragdoll Cat would be perfect. You will find all the qualities in Ragdoll Cat, as they are loving, affectionate, calm, and gentle too. Even this is a unique breed, which is known for its dog-like behavior. It is the only cat breed, which behaves like dogs. The other cats are usually particular about their behavior, and even they behave snobby sometimes. On the other hand, the Ragdoll Cat is different from all other cats due to their behavior and friendly nature.

The Ragdoll Cat has become one of the most familiar cats to keep as a pet. Thanks to their fun-loving, friendly nature, and gentle attitude, everyone wants this cat to be there. Ragdoll Cats are even known as the best cat to be with kids also. If you are interested in having a cat pet, Ragdoll should be your first pick. In case you are thinking to have Ragdoll cat as a pet, you must concentrate on the details shared right below with you. In the demonstrated details, we will elaborate on the history of the Ragdoll cats, their colors, food preferences, maintenance, price, care, and characteristics. So if in case, when you will take this cat at your home, it will be easier for you to handle the cat properly. So let us get started now.

Ragdoll Cat History

In 1960s, the Ragdoll came in existence. It is developed by Ann Baker, who is known to be a breeder of Riverside, California. If we talk about origin of these cats, these were entirely liberated roaming cats. Ann Bred Josephine was a white lady with long hairs, who found this cat running in the neighborhood loose. He found the cat unique and owned her. She breeds the cat and treated her so well. She took her cat further on, and created a new cat breed named as “Ragdoll.”  

Ragdoll Cats
An Ultimate Guide on Ragdoll Cats Image by pixabay.com

Ragdoll Car Characteristics

The Ragdoll Cat is well known for its kind nature. All the cat lovers want this cat to be with them for sure. Here are some characteristics listed below of the Ragdoll cats; which are: 

Personality and Temperament 

Ragdoll Cats are social and they are very kind. These cats are not wild, which makes them best for being a pet. The best thing about the Ragdoll cat is that these are not demanding at all. Even the cats have great devotion for her master, as a dog has for his master. She is a perfect animal companion, as the cats are connected with some emotional needs too. No doubt, the cats are friendly, so it is important to focus on the cats’ upbringing. Yes, the cats are faithful and friendly with their masters, but it is still important to interact with them regularly. As you will take care of the other breeds, you must also focus on the ragdoll cats. 

Behavior & Training

The name of Ragdoll is so special, as her name itself defines how cute and humble she is. The cats are too much trustworthy, which makes them seek attention from their masters. In comparison to the existing dogs and cats, you need to give extra care to the ragdoll cats due to their friendly and faithful behavior. Even there are many masters who think to keep their ragdoll cats inside the house. These cats are adaptable, and they adapt their environment also. The ragdoll cats are playful and friendly, which makes their training too easier and comfortable. One can train the cats more easily quickly. The personality of this cat makes owners get impressed by her in every term.

Health issues 

Pets are also as like the member of the home. You must need to care about, what is good for the health of your cat. In order to keep the ragdoll cats happier and let them live long life, it is important that you should pay attention on what they have. The ragdoll cats are usually prone to certain health issues. One has to take care for their cats and need to be prepared for the ailments, when the cats arise. Most of the times, the ragdoll cats suffer from mouth problems. Even the mouth problems considered as the third most common health issue in the ragdolls cats. Health issues are common to occur in the ragdolls. That is why, make sure to take care of them appropriately. 

Ragdoll Cats
An Ultimate Guide on Ragdoll Cats Image by pixabay.com

Ragdoll Cat Colors

There are several colors available in Ragdoll cats. The main colors available in ragdoll cats are total 6. These 6 colors are available in different shades; such as, solid, lynx (tortie lynx) and parti colors (tortie). All the ragdoll cats have while color base, on which a few parts are highlighted with different colors. These highlighted colors make these ragdolls look highly appreciable. Usually people prefer the clear color of the cats, but still these highlighted colors make the cat look so amazing. 

Ragdoll Cat Price

Different ragdoll cats are available, and the prices also vary with the difference. If we talk about particular price, no prices are fixed. It varies between $400 to $500. Yes, these ragdoll cats are expensive enough just because of their features, behavioral nature, and personality. The investment on these cats is worthy enough. 

Ragdoll Cat Care

  • Supervise the cats as you do to your younger child.
  • Ragdoll cats have heavier and long hairs that are why it needs brushing regularly.
  • Ragdoll cats have good teeth, make sure to brush their teeth twice in a day.
  • Do not forget to check the ears of cats to remove wax, debris and other cleanups to prevent from infections.
  • Take the cat on walk and exercise her regularly to keep her active and fit all day.

Ragdoll Cat Food

The ragdoll cats require quality of food to have with fresh water intake. If you are buying a ragdoll cat, make sure to take a list of food items and other necessary eatables to feed your cat. 

Hope that now you will take care of your ragdoll cat properly with the help of the above guide mentioned to you. So go for it, and get a great and friendly companion at your home.

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