Poodle Dog

A poodle is the dog of a formal breed. It is found in three categories, standard, miniature, and toy. Though the origin of this dog breed is a matter of great discussion, some consider its origin from Germany whereas others from French Barbet, but it is one of the intelligent and active dogs. In many sports and activities of dogs, the poodle is very skillful, obedient, agile, performer, and tracker. It can also be considered as assistance and herding dog. In many shows poodles have won a number of top honors like at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show the award of ‘Best in Show’ in the years 1991, and 2002 as well as in 2007 and 2010 in the World Dog Show.

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Poodle characteristics


Poodles are easily adaptable while living in an apartment even though it is the dog from the small size and active breed. It is suitable for high-rise buildings even if its energy level is very high. They can be easy to handle and train even for new dog owners as they are quite tolerant by nature. Being tolerant, easygoing, and thick-skinned poodles are dogs with low sensitivity. They can adjust easily in the loud and chaotic environment of a household. Poodles usually do not panic even if their owners leave them alone. They rarely get destructive like an anxious dog that chews, barks, complains, and creates chaotic situations when left alone. They are not tolerant of cold weather due to their slim bodies and very short coats. So you will have to keep it indoors and cover it with a sweater or jacket while taking for a walk during winters. Even on humid and hot days, you will have to keep it indoors to avoid exposure to extremely hot environments.


Poodles are very friendly by nature if raised properly. They can be very close to the entire family however its level of affection can be different from different people in the family. They are incredibly friendly to kids as they are very calm with children. They have a relaxed attitude while playing and hugging with kids. Poodles are also very friendly with various types of things including humans as well as other dogs. Some of the poodles may be aggressive or shy with strangers but most of them friendly even with them. They usually nuzzle and wag their tails while greeting guests, if they are strangers to them if they are properly socialized.

Grooming and health needs

Though shedding can vary from dog to dog but you can expect some amount of hair on your clothes as well as in your home when you have a poodle in your home. A poodle can also wet your clothes or arms with their saliva drooling out of their mouth while greeting you. In order to keep your poodle healthy and clean, you may have to give it a bath, clipping, and grooming regularly. The general health of your poodle can be susceptible to certain health problems like hip dysplasia etc. if not bred properly. They can be prone to various other diseases like PRA, cataracts, skin disorders, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, and epilepsy, etc. if not cared properly. In this condition, you will have to control their diet to keep them fit and healthy. Normally poodles come in three sizes-

  • Standard poodles-15+ inches
  • Miniature poodles- 10-15 inches
  • Toy poodles- less than 10 inches


Poodles are the dogs of the intelligent breed. Due to their intelligence, they can be trained easily even by a new dog owner. They can quickly learn to obey prompts, take action, and accept treats. They can be bred to do brain exercises, and exercise their body due to their high level of intelligence. They may have a tendency to ply-bite, nip, or chew the members of your family unless you train them to chew toys instead of humans.

Physical Needs

Poodles are normally high-energy dogs. They are always ready and wait for action with great intensity. Whatever them to do, they do it with vigor even if you give them something to drink or eat. Being energetic, fun, and smart they can be trained easily to play with almost all the members of your family. They usually like to be around humans and do a lot of physical and mental exercises. Being very playful by nature they like to play with almost every member of your family.

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Poodle colors

Poodles are available in almost all the solid colors including black, white, blue, gray, apricot, silver, and brown.

Poodle price

The price of a poodle can vary greatly depending upon various factors including the reputation and location of the breeder, the ancestry of the puppy, size of litter, training levels, the popularity of the breed, and the efforts of socialization, etc. Though the average price of a standard poodle can be $1,000 but you should be ready to spend from $2,400 to $5,500 or more to buy a standard poodle of the top breed.

Poodle care

While caring for a poodle you will have to groom it extensively. After every 6-8 weeks, it should be given a professional clipping. You can use three different styles including English saddle, continental saddle, and pet clip to groom its coat. You can use a mild shampoo while bathing it whenever necessary but it should be brushed daily to prevent tangling and matting of the hair on its coat. You should also check and clean its ears and teeth regularly. You should take care of their health by visiting your vet regularly as they can be prone to various diseases stated above. 

Poodle toy

The smallest version of the breed of poodle dogs is the poodle toy. Though they are smallest in size but in physical characteristics and temperament, they are no less than standard and miniature poodles. Being from social, active and intelligent breed toy poodles have to be groomed and do exercises regularly.

Thus, after knowing the facts about the breed of poodle dogs, provided in this write-up, you can easily make the right decision to bring one in your home, whether you love to have a dog in your home or owning one for the first time.

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