You want to get yourself an adorable little bundle of joy called Pomeranian. This breed can win anyone’s heart with their cute and furry looks and funny antics. They are a sight to behold with their glossy fur and endearing little face. If you are looking for a cute companion who can keep your spirits high throughout the day, then you need not look any further than a Pomeranian. This adorable little bundle comes in various colours like black, brown, orange, grey, and white, to name a few. You can’t have enough of this captivating and appealing little creature when you have a Pomeranian as your company. They also have their nickname which is known as Pom. Before you delve right into the process of getting your hands on this fascinating breed of dog, here are some facts and details you would like to know about. 

Pomeranian History

As the name of the breed suggests, Pomeranians have originated from the land of Pomerania which happens to be a place in the northwestern part of Poland, bordering on to the eastern part of Germany. It is located on the southern part of the Baltic Sea situated in the central part of Europe and shares its border with both Germany and Poland. You might be surprised to know that this cute little breed attributes its origin to the breed of Spitz dogs which is famous for its big size. Yes, you heard that right. This small beautiful creature descended from big and strong sledge dogs. 

Then how did Pomeranians come into being?

Pomeranians are not only loved by all the pet lovers but it also has a special place in the heart of the royalties. It was none other than Queen Victoria during the 18th century who made having a Pomeranian a fashionable trend. During her reign, the breed of Spitz dogs was turned into a small-sized breed of Pomeranians through various genetic breeding techniques. After the 18th century, there was no looking back for the Pomeranians who became a favourite among the masses.


Pomeranian Colours

Pomeranians can enthral you with their appealing eyes and sober colours that they spot. Beaver Some Pomeranians spot a light biscuit colour with a tinge of a silky blue coating. They are light brown and can also be seen having variations ranging from light orange to beige- brown. The breed also comes in red, mauve and deep orange colour.

Some Pomeranians also come in sheer black colour with a glossy fur coat. They are a sight to watch for. Pomeranians also spot a blue body with a pattern of silvery-grey or slate on their fur coat. 

Some Pomeranians come in dark chocolate colour and you will surely melt seeing them in this shade. One of the fan-favourite colours of Pomeranian lovers is off-white or cream. They make for such a lovable vision with their cushy bodies and soft cream fur.

Pomeranian Price

This fluffy furball comes at an expensive rate thanks to its adorable looks and the fashion statement it creates. The price of a Pomeranian depends on the colour it spots. Poms spotting multicolour with slight pigmentation of different shades will cost lesser than Pomeranians spotting single colours. Generally, Pomeranians have different colour patterns on their body. The fur on the face might have a different tinge than the fur coat on the body. Single-coloured Pomeranians with no patterns are rarely found and hence they are the most expensive.

The minimum price of a Pomeranian can start from $400 to $500 and can go up to $1600. Pomeranians with different shades and patterns can cost around $700 to $1000. The single coloured ones cost more. The average price of this cute breed is pegged somewhere at $800 to $900.

Some of the single coloured Pomeranians having better lineage and quality bloodline can come at a huge cost. Their price ranges anywhere from $2000 to $10000. The variation depends on the lineage and bloodline of the Pomeranians.

Pomeranian Care

This breed of fluffed up furball needs a lot of care and love form their owners. Once you start pampering them and shower them with a lot of love, they can cosy up to you and keep you company throughout. Here are some tips about grooming a Pomeranian: 

  • As caring parents of the cute little Pomeranian, you need to ensure that the puppy is getting food minimum three times each day.
  • After six months, the food dosage for the Pomeranian can be reduced to two times each day.
  • In a medium-sized bowl, place some dry healthy food for your Pomeranian so that it has access to food throughout the day. Keep some water in a separate bowl beside the food bowl.

Pomeranian puppies have high chances of contacting Hypoglycemia if they are not fed often throughout the day. A baby Pom utilises a lot of its energy in running around and other activities.

A Pom needs to be groomed well so that its fur maintains the shine throughout. You should not brush a Pom more than two times each week and also ensure that the brush has soft bristles made of wire. You wouldn’t want your Pom to start shedding furs and litter the place. The uniqueness of a Pomeranian lies in its soft fur enveloping its body. You need to use good quality body soap or shampoo to wash your Pom once a month.


Pomeranian Food

The food you offer to your Pom should be nutritious and energy-giving. You need to ensure that you do not overtly feed your Pom and at the same time deprive it of a healthy diet. 

A good diet can include variations of chicken like minced chicken wings, chicken legs, etc. The bones need to be cooked before feeding it to your Pom. The chicken should be minced so that there are no large food chunks present in the meal that might get stuck in the throat of your Pom. To up the ante in terms of nutrition, you can feed fish, sardines and boiled eggs to your Poms.

Pomeranian Toy

Do you know that Pomeranians are an aggressive lot and can become stressed easily?

Indeed Poms are always high on energy and like to prance around throughout the day. They might look little in size with a cute face but have an aggressive demeanour. They also need stress busters in the form of toys where they can relieve their stress.

The best types of toys for Poms to play with are chewable and squeaky toys and soft toys. Sound producing and chewable toys keep them engaged and help them in releasing their aggression on the toys. Stuffed toys and treat disbursers are a good way for you to engage with your Pom and increase the camaraderie between the two of you.

All in all, Pomeranians are great companions who can tug the strings of your heart with their fluff ball looks. Taking a Pom under your care is nothing less than becoming parents. This article will give you a head start about all the information you need to know about Pomeranians.

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