Persian Cat

Before buying or taking home a pet it is very much important to know some details about it. Whether it is cat or dog, you need to know some basic characteristic features, historical background and some other important details such as their care, diet chart and grooming. If you love the cat, then you must bring the Persian cats to your home. Persian cats are simply recognizable for their long and big coat. They have expressive eyes as well. Apart from their so called characteristic features, they are one of the popular cat breeds in the world. This breed expresses and resembles it royalty all the time through their regal personalities. 

They are gorgeous and it seems like they are one of the best pets. But before taking them home, you need to sure about that you are ready for everything for this particular breed. They need some extra care and it is great if you can pamper them a little bit. So, let’s check some details about this royal breed. 

Persian cat history

This is one of the oldest and ancient breeds in the world. But there is cloudy information and details about this particular cat breed. This cat breed made its presence among the humans in the year 1600. They thought to have been originated from Persia or the modern day Iran and Turkey. After that time, this particular cat moved west to the Europe. After that, they got their popularity and royalty as well. They have elegant long hair and they are very much famous for their long hair. There are so many cats those having long hair. This particular group of cat is recognized as the Asiatic cat. This particular breed of cat was originally called and known as Angoras. This particular name was derived from Ankara, the Turkey capital. 

In the 19th century, their popularity has grown marvellously due to the cat show. At that time, they were brought to United States. After that, they became the popular American long-haired cat breed. They became one of the most loved and popular cat breeds in the world. They were much loved for their adorable appearance and sweet gesture as well. 

Persian Cat
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Persian cat personality

Undoubtedly, it is a dignified cat breed. They are quite and gentle cats. They like the serene and calm environment and circumstances. They always want that people and their owner treat them kindly and softly. They are not like athletic cats. They prefer to sit calm on the lounge. They are one kind of a lazy cat breed. For their calm and cool nature, the children will also accept them and they can easily mingle with them. But you will have to make sure about the fact that the children need to treat them softly and they should give this cat breed the respect they deserve. 

The Persian cat will surely greet you with a quiet sound of gesture. If you notice, then you can see that their eyes will speak a lot than their sound. They do not mind to spend their time alone and lonely. They prefer to be alone and enjoy it rather than anything else. But they love the presence of their owner. They love to get cuddle from you and sit on the lap of you.

They are dignified and having docile personality as well. They are just like an ornament for any kinds of house. They are sedate and calm cat. So, the loud environment is not at all suitable for this particular cat breed. While you are busy to do other household chore, they will wait for you until you come and adore them. 

Persian cat price

This particular cat breed is not at all aggressive. They are lazy and quiet as well. As they are pure breed, the cost of this particular breed is very much expensive. But the fur colour makes some differences in case of their price. You may spend $500 to $700 in order to acquire this cat. 

Persian cat colours

They have some distinctive features and appearance details. They are big and round headed cats. They have short nose, round eyes and full cheeks as well. They also have long, thick and gorgeous coating. The fine and shiny texture of their long coat completes their whole look. The blue colour is one of the most striking patterns in case of this particular cat breed. Apart from the blue colour, there are six other colours as well:

  • Black
  • Cream
  • Blue-cream smoke
  • Red
  • Smoke-tortoiseshell

You can get so many varieties in their coat colours. You can get the seven solid cat colours in them. These are such as white, blue, black, cream, chocolate, red and lilac. Apart from these solid colours, you can also get the shaded colours such as silver and golden, blue shaded golden and silver, some bicolour divisions, smoke, tabby and all. 

Persian cat care

As you have already noticed that this particular cat breed has long and thick coated hair, so, it is not at all surprising that they need some special care and regular grooming as well. Without proper care and grooming, their hair will become tangled and matted. So, for proper glaze and smooth hair coat, you need to take care of their hair. 

They are high maintained pets. You need to wipe their eyes daily in order to avoid stains due t excessive watering. They love to stay in the tidy environment. So, it is very much important to keep their little room or box clean and clear. 

They are not at all energetic and athletic cat breed. They always find a warm and nice spot for relaxing. 

Persian cat food

They are not at all picky eaters. But they will surely eat once in a day while they find something suitable as per their preferences. Their food and diet should be high in protein and fibre as well. Apart from this, their food should be low in fat. They do not like to overeat. So, it is the best way to feed them twice a day. You should not give them some dairy products, chocolates, alcohol, onion, avocado and all. 

The popularity of this particular Persian cat enhances the demand of this cat as an idle pet.

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