Maine Coon Cat

Maine coon cats have become exponentially popular in the last few years. The first and the most noticeable fact about a Maine Coon cat is that they are really big. Here is a fun fact: a Maine coon who grew over four feet long holds the record for the world’s largest house cat. Isn’t that interesting? 

Maine coon cats are adaptable and are extremely affectionate. Unlike other cats, these cats do not need to you return the affection on them for them to be affectionate towards you. Keep reading the article to know all the facts you need to know about Maine coon cat. 

History of Maine Coon

As name itself suggests, these cats are originally from Maine are native Englanders. This breed of cat is more popularly a mouser breed or a ship’s cat or a farm cat. These facts go way back to the 19th century. Maine coon is a natural breed or cats and not much is known about its origins. There are many stories as to where Maine coon cats have come from. According to one of the stories, Maine coon cats are the descendants of the long haired cats that belonged to Marie Antoinette. Sea captains then brought with them the long haired cats that then probably mated with the local cats that were short haired.

The ‘coon’ in the name Maine coon suggests the resemblance of the cats of this breed to the furry ringed tail and brown tabby coat of racoons. Hence, the name ‘Maine coon’. The Maine coons that did don the tabby brown coats came to be known as Maine Shags. 

By 1910s, Maine coons had become quite popular in many states of the US. However, the exotic and glamorous Siamese and Persian cats usurped this popularity from the Maine coons but they continued to be the favourite cat in New England. Maine coon’s popularity died down for about five decades. However, in 1968, an association was formed called Maine coon breeders and Fanciers Association by six breeders of Maine coon and the Maine coons regained their former popularity. To do justice to the name, Maine coon cats were declared the official state cat of Maine in 1985. 

Maine Coon Cat
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Characteristics of Maine Coon Cats

Physical Characteristics:

Maine coon cats weigh between nine to eighteen pounds and sometimes the males can weigh more than twenty pounds. These cats are well adapted to the hostile winters of New England and can hence survive easily in harsh winter climates. They have dense fur that is water resistant and have shaggy long hair for more protection. As mentioned earlier, Maine coon cats have bushy racoon like tails. They have large paws that help them to walk on the snow and are as good as snowshoes. 

The development in Maine coons is slow, unlike other cats that grow very fast. Maine coons achieve their full size when they are three to four years old. It is very easy to distinguish between the sound of any other cat and a Maine coon cat. They seldom meow and even when they do, you will realise that their soft high pitched voice does not even fit their huge size.

The Maine coons have beautiful eyes and may be shades of amber, gold or green. Their eyes are large and round and are wide-set. 


Do not judge these cats by their size. However big they may look, they are very gentle in nature and are sometimes also known as the ‘gentle giants’. They are very loyal to their family and are often quite relaxed around children, other cats as well as dogs. The females possess more dignity. On the other hand, the males are known to be very clownish. This does not however make one less affectionate than the other. Maine coons have very amusing habits and are often adored for their willingness and eagerness to help their owners with any activity whatsoever. They can be easily groomed and love to play with small retrievable items. 

Colours of Maine Coon Cats

Maine coon cats are available in a wide variety of colours and colour combinations. Their coats could be one solid colour, bi coloured, smoke coloured or as mentioned earlier, tabby. They come in solid colours such as black, white, red (ginger), grey and cream. A classic tabby Maine coon cat’s fur is streaked with stripes. Some of the classic tabby colours include cream classic tabby, red classic tabby and black classic tabby. Some Maine coons are bi-coloured in colours such as black and white, cream and white, red and white and so on and so forth. 

Maine Coon Cat
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Price of Maine Coon Cats

The Maine coon cats are priced around $900 dollars and can vary between $800 to $1200 dollars. However, Maine coons are very high maintenance and it may cost around $21,000 to take care of a Maine coon cat. 

Care of Maine Coon Cats

If the coat of your Maine coon starts to feel greasy or if their fur starts looking stringy, it is a signal for you to give your Maine coon a good bath. Ensure to bathe a Maine coon once every few weeks or if not highly necessary, once every few months. A Maine coon’s coat has a silky texture and does not matte so easily if it is groomed regularly. You can easily care for its fur with the help of skin oils and by combing the fur twice a week so as to remove the dead hair. Do not tug at or pull the hair of your cat no matter how gentle it seems. If you don’t like it, neither do they. 

Clean off the tail with the help of baby wipes and brush its teeth every week. Check the ears for dirt and wipe them with a cotton ball. Do not use cotton swabs as they can damage the ear’s interior. 

Ensure that its litter box is clean because cats are peculiar about their bathroom hygiene. It also helps to keep their coats clean.

We hope that this article helped you with all you needed to know about Maine coon cats.

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