How many bulldog breeds are there

Popular Types of Bulldogs That Everyone Should Know

Bulldogs are short, medium-sized, compact, heavy dog with distinctive pushed-in the nose and a wrinkled face and a lot of affection to share. There are several bulldog breeds available, so choosing one is not easy. In the list below, there are several breeds of the bulldog, and it will help you to decide on which breed to keep as a pet.

bulldog breeds
Bulldog breeds

English Bulldog.

Unlike any other type of bulldog, this canine originated in the British Isles. The English Bulldog is affectionate, gentle, and gets along with children. Its overawing appearance is a sharp difference to its gentle nature. This pet possesses quality traits as it has brave determination and perfect guarding skills. Since this breed can be dominating at a time, the owner needs to train it that he or she is the leader. This breed is suitable for people living in apartments as they are inactive indoors. It performs well in the temperate climate, and apart from being dormant, the English Bulldog needs exercise. A daily walk is necessary but with control of a person holding its leash. 

French Bulldog.

The French bulldog has a funny mindset that can endear it to people. While many dog breeds tend to bark loudly when they feel excited, French Bulldog does not bark loudly. It is friendly and gets along with other pet animals and strangers. You can’t ignore this pet because it needs companionship. The canine is snappish and stubborn if its holder is meekly passive. Having this in mind, there is a need for establishing tight leadership and discipline as well to the Frenchie. This breed is active indoors, and it doesn’t need a yard to play hence making it suitable for apartment life. It does well in temperate climates, and a regular walk is an ideal exercise for the breed. Frenchie also likes to play and run for hours.

bulldog breeds
Bulldog breeds

Australian Bulldog.

 If you want a dog that is fun-loving, intelligent, loyal, and easy-going, Australian Bulldog is the right choice. This type of breed loves swimming and playing in the water, making it an ideal buddy to bring on the beach. This canine has good alertness that makes it a good watchdog but not a good as a guard dog. As seen by many bulldog’s obedience, training is a requirement, and this applies to Austrian Bulldog too. The owner has to show firm leadership to it. A regular walk is a good way of giving this pet some excise as it has a lot of stamina for exercise. Since the Australian bulldog loves swimming and playing in the water, carrying the pet to the beach is an ideal option. Living in the apartment is not suitable for the breed as it loves to play with a ball or Frisbee with its owner, but you can offset this problem by giving this dog regular excise. Australian bulldog does well in a temperate climate.

American Bulldog.

While many will judge this pet from physical appearance, the American bulldog is not a hostile animal. It is loyal, reliable, full of determination, and brave. It is protective and this, allows it to act heroically on behalf of its owner, and it loves kids. This breed requires a leader with a strong personality for it to know its place, and it’s less aggressive to other dogs. American bulldog needs both physical and mental exercises to prevent it from becoming strung and uncontrollable. This pet learns socialization and obedience training while still a puppy. The American bulldog is good for both apartments or a home with an average size yard.

Olde English Bulldog.

This breed is a docile but capable, determined, protective, and courageous animal. When someone or something tries to threaten the owner or the family, the dog is always there to face it. The Olde English Bulldog is always there to please its owner. If you own this breed, you must show a strong leadership trait to it. Olde English Bulldog likes to have toys to play. It loves to chew latex toys as well as some bones. Various exercise and work will station the dog’s energy, which is something it has in abundance. For the canine to maintain its shape and keep fit, light exercise is needed. It is also advisable that you restrain your dog from doing strenuous activities such as jumping. This breed adapts to any lifestyle and needs protection from extreme heat and cold.

bulldog breeds
Bulldog breeds

Miniature English Bulldog.

This is a special type of breed as it finds happiness from the attention it receives from its owner. They are gregarious, loyal, extroverted, and affectionate to their owner. They get along with kids, but it’s scrappy when it comes to unfamiliar dogs. It is a determined and bullheaded dog, and it also snores when sleeping. Miniature English Bulldog does not need any excise, but a daily walk is necessary for the canine. This type of bulldog slows down as they get older, and the temperate climate is ideal for this pet. As this canine remain indoor, no yard is required as it easily adapts to apartment life.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Unlike many bulldogs, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog excels well as both watchdog and guard dog. Compared to other breeds, this breed is more protective. The canine will be willing to fight to the death to protect and the children. It has a lot of heart, active, mindful, and athletic. Be sure to instill to the dog that you are the pack leader. Since this breed is active and its athletic nature, it will need daily walks fun romping in a safe area. An apartment or a home with big enough yard will do just fine for it

bulldog breeds
Bulldog breeds

Catahoula Bulldog.

According to physical appearance, Catahoula Bulldog has an easy-going and laid back personality, but this look can be deceiving. It is very sensitive if any occasion arises. It is intelligent, lovable, loyal, and easy to train. Catahoula Bulldog loves to please its family and have a tolerance to children. This canine acts as a guard dog, watchdog hunter, and tracker of the game. With sufficient exercise, Catahoula Bulldog can do well in apartments and needs a daily walk to keep fit. Due to its hunting and tracking skills, you can bring it along during a hunt for a game.

The list above is just some of the popular breeds of bulldogs; there are many bulldog breeds available but less desirable and less attractive.

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