Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a very much well-known dog breed in the United States. They are medium sized, sturdy, muscular and for their gold coating, the name is appropriate to them. They are very much popular for their friendly character and nice appearance. But if you are planning to adopt a dog, then you should know that is a long-term and heavy responsibility. Before getting them to your house, you will have to make sure that you can share your home and everything with them. These dog breeds are very much well-known for their kind and meek eyes and loyalty as well. 

They have people-friendly and pleasing personality as well. They are sporting and enthusiastic. But if you want to bring them just for protecting your house from the burglars then you should know the fact that a well-breed Golden Retriever cannot have that much strong instinct to be your home guard. These dogs are cheerful and it is very much easy to train them as well. They are perfect family dogs. They love everyone especially the kids. They draw usually admiring looks and attract people towards them. If you are not in home, then they will find their own entertainment.

Golden Retriever History

These dogs are derived from the Scottish Highlands. At that time, they were utilized as the hunting dogs. At that time, the Scottish and royal people of the estate required a type of dog that could retrieve or hunting birds either on the land or in the water as their hunting grounds have so many ponds. After the improvement of the guns, these dogs required to bring back the birds from a long distance. Lord Tweedmouth is actually appreciated the first dog known as Retriever- yellow or golden. Actually he always wanted to have a dog that is loyal and even-tempered in the home. At that time, the name of this breed was Retriever- yellow or golden. 

In the year 1908, this breed of dog was first noticed at a British Dog Show. During the same time, the good breed of this specimen came to America through the way of Canada. The sport hunters appreciate and understand the benefits of this particular breed. All were impressed and attracted due to their sweetness and sensible temperament. 

In the year 1925, this dog was first introduced with the Kennel Club of America. And in the year 1932, they were officially recognized as a breed. After that the name of this breed has changed to Golden Retriever. Nowadays, this breed is the second most popular breeds in US. They are best family pet and also popular as service dogs. 

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Price

They are affectionate and one of the most eminent dog breeds. If you want to bring them home then you should know the price of them. The price of this breed varies greatly more than any other breeds. You may need to pay $500-$2000 for a Golden Retriever. If you choose the small one with excellent bloodlines, then you may need to spend $1000-$2000. But if you want champion bloodlines, then you need to spend more than that. You can also get this particular dog breed at $350-$550 including all the registrations and vaccinations. But the price of them is well worth and you will never regret. If you want to bring this breed to your home, then you will also keep in your mind about the cost of their vet check-ups and dietary supplements. 

Golden Retriever Care

They are even-tempered, affectionate and lovable dog. They love to do a lot of actions. If you also love to do jogging, walking and jumping, then your pet will also love to join with you. Their name is very true to their nature. They are golden in colour and love to retrieve as well. You need to pay a lot of attention to them. They need regular brushing, bathing in order to eliminate the debris and mites from their far. They love to do swimming as they love water. So, after that, you need to wash them or rinse them thoroughly in order to eliminate the chlorine from their body. You can also use the ear-cleaner as per the recommendation your veterinarian. 

Apart from this, they need some basic care such as trimming nail, brushing teeth and all. During the time of heavy shedding, the brushing will turn into regular works or affairs. They need occasional bath in order to keep them clean. 

They need a plenty of exercises and moves. They are a good companion of long run and bike riding as well. You can make them tired with 20-30 minutes tiresome and vigorous exercises twice a day. Lacking the activity may lead to their behavioural problems. 

But if you bring a golden puppy, then you should invest more attention to them. They rapidly grow in between four to seven months. They love to chew toys and something else as well. So, you can bring some chewable toys for them. They love to chew bones and toys in order to satisfy their oral fixation. 

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Diet

They need a high-quality dog food. It is recommended to give them 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dry food a whole day divided in two portions. But it will depend on their size that how much they can eat. It is easily understandable that highly active dogs will need and consume more food than an idle one. 

But retriever puppies will need low calorie diet and it will help them to grow fast. You will have to measure their weight frequently and take them for proper check-up. If you notice that they will gain weight then you should consult to your veterinarian doctor as soon as possible. If you want to give them some human foods, then you should check what types of foods will suit them. 

So, as you can see, Golden Retriever is the most popular and best family pet. But they need a lot of attention. So, if you are a busy people, then this breed is not perfect at all for you.

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