Facts You Need to Know About Boxer Dogs

Are you planning to buy a boxer dog breed or you already own it, there are various facts you need to know about this unique dog breed. Those facts are among the main reasons why many people prefer having a boxer dog as compared to other breeds. The boxer dogs have a healthy and robust body, a super-expressive face, a deep attachment to the people, and many more incredible characteristics. Studies indicate that boxer dogs are among the most common dog breeds found in various parts of the world .those dogs are very friendly to their owners. One can quickly notice the boxer dog because of its ability to grab your attention due to its unique posture, look, size, and other things. Some of the facts you need to know about the boxer dogs are;

Boxers have the longest tongue

One of the very fantastic facts about the boxer dog is that they are known to have the longest tongue in history. That was according to the Guinness book of records. A boxer dog was recorded to have 17 inches tongue. 

Boxers are known as working dogs

Some dogs are known to be very lazy since they love spending much of their time sleeping. The boxer dog is among the most active dog that is known by many. That is because most of the time, you will find it busy doing something. They like traveling a lot with their owners. Because of that, they have been known as working dogs. They are also widely used in military operations due to their high performance.

Boxer Dogs Temperaments
A Guide to Boxer Dogs Temperaments

Have a life span of 8- 10 years

The expectancy life of the boxer dog is 8 -10 years. In most cases, the boxer dog may live for longer than those years, depending on the care that you gave it. It is recommended to provide your boxer dog with much attention, especially at the age of 6-8 years. That can help in enhancing its lifespan. 

Boxers are cross between old English bulldog and the bulleneiser

Studies indicate that the above-discussed dog is a cross between the two breeds of dogs mentioned above. That fact explains the reason why this dog has a healthy body. 

They can run very fast 

One of the primary reasons why police and other military people highly prefer the boxer dog is because of its speed and ability to train. Training some different types of dogs’ breeds can be a very challenging thing. That is because their body cannot withstand those exercises. It requires a dog breed with a powerful body for such practices. The maximum speed that the boxer dogs can run at is 30 miles per hour. That shows they can run like no other dog breed.

Needs to be cleaned regularly

Unlike the other dog breeds, the boxer dog loves being clean. That is the reason why it is recommended to provide your boxer dog with clean bedding. By ensuring hygiene is highly considered, you will help in preventing the various conditions that might result from keeping your dog in a dirty place.

Facts You Need to Know About Boxer Dogs
Facts You Need to Know About Boxer Dogs

Are loyal to their owners

The other unique thing with the above-discussed dog breed is that they are very loyal. Unlike the different dog breeds that are very aggressive to their owners and other people around, the boxer dogs are very loyal and friendly.

They hate being alone

Another boxer dog’s fact is that they do not like staying alone. Therefore leaving your dog alone at home might make it feel bad. If you have a boxer dog, you can choose to travel with it rather than leaving it alone. 

Can exercise 2 hours every day

It is only a few dogs’ breeds that can exercise for two hours every day. Many dog breeds will train for only 30 minutes, and they are more than tired. The boxer can train for a minimum of two hours every day. Because of this fact, military and police officers always prefer boxer dogs for training and competition.

Facts You Need to Know About Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs do not like extreme temperatures

Do you need to keep your boxer dog comfortable? Then it is essential to know that boxer dogs do not like high temperatures. That is because they are very uncomfortable with extreme temperatures.

Therefore, it is clear that boxer dogs have various fun facts that everyone needs to know.

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