Chinchilla is It a Good Pet

This is the main question you can ask yourself before taking an accurate decision to purchase a Chinchilla. In order to get a perfect answer, you will have to look at the pet and get a solid idea about them. This pet is very independent. They do not want so much cuddle. They prefer to stay at home. They are quick and little perky animal. They have so many characteristics that make them a good pet. But you will have to control one matter. If you have children in your house, then you should not give them this pet. As this pet is small and fragile, so, if they are squeezed too tight then they will bite. 

They can be a good pet for the right person. But before choosing them as a pet, you will have to familiarize yourself with their unique characteristics. You will have to learn more about them and know how to take care of them and their food habits as well. 

Chinchilla information

COMMON NAME: Chinchilla
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Chinchilla lanigera
ADULT SIZE: 10- to 14-inch body, and the tail adds another 5 or 6 inches
LIFE EXPECTANCY: 15 to 22 years

Chinchilla information and price:

They are very small, rodent and native to South America. You can find them in the rocky and arid areas of mountain. This pet is very active and playful as well. You will have to take care of them gently from the very young age. They can make bond easily with their owners. You can keep them singly or else you can put them with same-sex pairs. 

The price of Chinchilla may vary. It can depend a lot from where you can get it and what colour you want. The pet stores sell the standard gray Chinchillas starting from $150. But if you want to get coloured chins, then you may spend a little bit more. You should know one thing that a show quality Chinchilla will cost more rather than no-show one. So, you should arrange $150-$350 before going to buy your favourite pet. 

Chinchilla care:

They are usually kept as indoor pets. They can survive in quite cold temperature. But you will have to keep them in draught-free temperature. They are also prone to the heatstroke in the warm conditions. So, you should not put their cage in a sunny window. They need an enclosed bed in order to sleep at day time. You will also have to put some wooden boxes for their own separate space. 

They are largely nocturnal. So, they are active in the night hours. They are also called crepuscular. It means their activity peaks at dawn and dusk. You will have to keep them fairly quiet area during the day time. They are very much playful and active. So, they need a roomy cage in order to do exercises and for playtime as well. You should also take care of their over-heating matter. You should check all the time that they do not become overheated. 

You will have to act gentle and consistent in order to gain trust of your pet. It takes some time in order to get used to with your pet and handling them easily. You will have to keep your patience. You will need to move slowly as well. They will eventually respond.


Chinchilla food and water:

They have specific dietary needs. They are very much different of other rodents. You will have to feed them with high quality food. You will have to give them the Chinchilla-specific food. You will need to provide them with good quality grass hay with pallets only made for them. You will have to give them the food with moderation. The overall digestive system of this pet is very much sensitive. So, you should insert the changes with gradual process not all of a sudden. 

Pelleted diet is far better than the mixing of various loose items. You can eat commercial loose items such as pellets, corn, seeds and other food items. But your pet may not eat all the parts of the mixture. They tend to pick out what they like from the mixture. So, you will have to give them pelleted diet instead of loose mix. 

Chinchilla toys:

These pets are very active and playful. They like to chew things, hideout and jump as well. So, you need to give them a variety of toys that will keep them active and busy as well. You will have to give them the chewing items for chewing to keep the incisor teeth in good condition. You can give your pet blocks of woods and tree branches without any pesticides. You can also give them some wooden parrot toys for playing. 

On the other hand, wheels are great for exercises. You can make them habituated to run on the wheels. It will help them to do their regular exercises. You will have to provide them with solid running surface. This will help them to run in a secure and solid place. 


Some reasons why Chinchilla make amazing pet:

Are you thinking to add a small and furry friend to your family? If so, you must think of small and exotic pet like Chinchilla. Here are some reasons why this is a good one as pet:

Require low-maintenance: They do not need too much complex food. But you will have to stick to the modest yet essential dietary needs. They are herbivores. They can live on the high fibre diet and low sugar diet as well. They can live on the timothy hay and compact Chinchilla pellets. So, you do not need to spend a lot on them.

They bath themselves in dust: Unlike other pets, they do not bath in water. They need the dust bath in order to keep their coats silky smooth. It is more fun for them. 

Long lifespan: They tend to have long lifespan. They have average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. They can live up to 20 years as well. So, you can make a quiet strong and long-lasting bond with your pet. 

Affectionate: They do not prefer cuddle like dogs and cats. But they are affectionate. 

Speedy: They are typically very skittish animal. They love to run, jump and climb. They have their own unique personality.

As you can see this cute and little creature has so many amazing qualities. They can be a perfect pet for the right person. If you also want a pocket-sized best friend, then you should go for this one.

Written byWebard

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