Chihuahua Dog

Are you a dog lover? Then you must love the Chihuahua dog. The size of this dog is small but they are very much confident. This dog loves to give attention and like to get it as well. This dog is a native of Mexico. Some believed that the smaller breed of dog came from the Chinese crested dogs. There are many experts who said that this dog is the first native of America. They also said that these dogs were brought to Mexico after Spanish conquest of Mexico. Many of them believed that the tiny dog is the miniature version of Pariah dog. But today, this dog is popular and known as North America breeders. 

Chihuahua Information

This dog was first introduced to American Kennel Club in the year 1904. It is recognized as one of the oldest breeds in American content. This dog breed is also very much popular as one of the smallest breeds in the whole world. But nowadays, this particular dog breed has boosted its popularity due to the Taco Bell ad campaigns. These dogs are too little and they weigh as two pounds. They are only five inches high. They are not more than six pounds. 

Here are some quick facts of Chihuahua

  • They are very much light in weight and have shorter life span as well.
  • They are not at all gentle lap dog. But they are tenacious.
  • They are highly intelligent dogs.
  • They can take the good training with positive reinforcement. They also love to get traits and praise.
  • They come in solid colours of combination. They are available in varieties of colours and combinations as well.
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Chihuahua Characteristics

They are widely recognized as one of the smallest breeds. The adults of this particular breed can be weighed as 4 to 6 pounds and their maximum height should be of 10 inches. Apart from their lack of size, they have impressive courage and winning personality and features as well. As you can see that they are small dogs and they do not require much space for living. They can be perfectly fitted for small apartment. But they need regular care, exercises and fresh air in order to breathe properly. The fresh air is very much important for them to promote happiness and health. They like to bark and this may be a problem for your neighbours. So, you may ask their permission to have them in your building. 

They are lively and alert type of pets. They are very much entertaining and love comical situation as well. The owners of this particular dog are very much attractive and popular just for their nature and characteristics. They are very much suspicious in nature about the strangers. Actually, they are very much possessive. After winning their love, they will always stand by your side. But if you have small children in your house, then you should know the fact that they are not at all familiar with the smaller kids. Actually, this particular breed is too much protective while it comes to the matter of new acquaintances. But if you have older children in your house, then this particular pet breed is the finest choice for your family.

Chihuahua Colours

They come in large range of colours. These are such as follows:

  • Chocolate
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • gold

You can also get the occasional Chihuahua with the coloured far such as red, blue, tan, sable, silver, brown and white. Here are some varieties:

  • You can get the solid coloured dogs especially white spotted and pure white colour.
  • You can also get the fawn appearance of this breed with a combination of light tan with red undertone.
  • You can also get the blue dogs with the shades of black. The pigmentation of the skin particularly in the potion of eyes, nose, paws and lip is blue.
  • You can also get the silver colour with the shades of gray. This combination is very much shinning as well.
  • Cream dogs have some patches of tan colour.
Chihuahua Credit image

Chihuahua Price

This dog breed is tiny and sassy. This dog is very much loyal and they love the warmth and cosiness of sofa, chair and blanket. You need to spend rupees from 4000 to 25000 in order to buy this particular breed of dog. If you want to buy the dog from the shop, then you will have to check the license of that shop and certification as well. You can get the both genders of this puppy. You will have to choose the healthy puppy. You can get this puppy at reasonable rate. But before buying, you will have to check their health, vaccination and other details. The overall price of this dog breed depends on the category of the breed. 

Chihuahua Care

This dog is little and tiny in size. But they need proper care and daily exercise as well. They love to get enough training. You will be surprised to see the amount of energy in them. This particular dog breed comes in two different types of coats such as long and smooth. Long-coated dogs have not smooth and soft coats. But this dog breeds are very easy to handle and take care of. They shed seasonally. The long-coated breed needs regular grooming especially brushing their hair daily. 

On the other hand, smooth coated dog breeds have smooth, shiny and silky hair. They have longer and thicker hair around their neck portion. They shed but as they are too little so, you can manage it easily. 

They love to play outside. You will have to trim their nails daily. Many people ignore the part of the exercise. But it is very much important for this little puppy. 

Chihuahua Food

You should give your little puppy a high-quality of dry foods. But the consumption of the dog breed depends on their size, age, level of activity and metabolism as well. Some of them are prone to get maximum calories. So, it is very much important to check about their calorie consumption and food intake capacity as well. You should consult your veterinarian for their proper food and diet plan. 

This is the best pet dog and you can train them by using positive reinforcement. They will be a good companion for you.

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