British Shorthair

For the cat lovers, here is a perfect cat breed named British Shorthair. They are available in short and medium size. They are very much powerful and healthy cat. You will love their chubby face and healthy body tone. If you like to adopt a cat for your house, then they are undoubtedly a perfect option. They are a perfect undemanding companion for you and their voice is very quiet as well. This cat is fine with everyone. They can even tolerate other pets as well. If you want some companion who is meek and mild, then British Shorthair is the best option for you. 

British Shorthair history

This is one of the oldest cat breeds in England. This particular cat breed has its original root in Roman. During the time of their empire expansion, Roman brought cats along with them to England. They brought the cat for the protection of their food. But these cats stayed there and they became a very popular street cat in some centuries. 

In the year 1800, Harrison Wier, a British man was recognized as the first cat breeder. He was the one who domesticated the common British street cats and followed the breeding process and cross-breeding programme. From his breeding process, we got this cat breed British Shorthair

But during World War II, the British Shorthair almost lost their existence. they became the victims of the food shortage. But after the post-war period, This particular breed was restored from the cross-breeding procedure of the Russian Blue and Persian Breeds. In this process, this particular breed got back their existence and preserve it as well. 

The American Association recognized this breed in the year 1967. This cat was accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association in the year 1980. 

British Shorthair
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British Shorthair characteristics

As you have already known the fact that British Shorthair is not very active, it is quite relaxing to stay and live with them. They are not at all highly active, so, it is easy to keep them in your house or apartment. 

They are round in shape. They also have broad and wide chest and large legs. Their coats are very short and it suggests their name as well. But their coats are thick and polished. 

This cat is very smiling and they love to get the attention as well. They are very calm. Male cats are easy-going and big as well. On the other hand, the females are very serious. But both cats love to be with their people. The British Shorthair is very smart. 

They are very confident cats. The relationship between this cat and children is very strong and long-lasting as well. They love to be in a quiet place. 

British Shorthair colours

Their overall shape is round. They have a short but thick coat. This particular cat breed has round eyes. They are much like the cuddly teddy bear. Their body is very much compact and powerful. They have rounded and long legs with rounded paws as well. They also have a thick tail. 

You can get so many colour varieties in this cat. You can get lilac, white, black, chocolate, pointed, tabby, brown, red and so on. Blue or grey is one of the best available colours. This cat is also known as British Blues. 

British Shorthair
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British Shorthair price

It is one of the low maintenance cat breeds. The cost of this pet is varied from place to place. 

  • In the UK, if you buy it from the registered breeder then you will have to spend $1200 to $2000 (GBP).
  • In the US, if you want to buy this particular cat breed from the registered breeder then you need to spend $900 to $1800 (USD).
  • In Australia, you need to spend $1200 to $2000 (AUD) for this particular cat breed.

British Shorthair care

These cats are a very easy keeper. They are not at all demanding while it comes to the matter of grooming and caring. They are quite and not so loud as well. This breed has short but dense hair. They need proper brushing several times a week. It will remove their hair tangles and loose hairs as well. But in the spring-time, you need to brush them more frequently. 

They are a low energetic cat. They love to be in their personal space. But it is a good idea to engage them in the regular playful activity. They are one of the dignified cats. They do not tolerate harassment.

Apart from this, you need to take the basic care of them. You need to trim their nails at the time they needed. You need to check their ears every week. If there are redness and bad smell then this may indicate the infection. 

If you notice that their ears are dirty, then you can choose the damp cotton ball with a vet-approved gentle cleanser to remove the dirt. Bath is not at all regularly needed for this cat.

You should use the vet-approved toothpaste for brushing their teeth. The brushing can prevent the bad smell from their mouth and it is important for their good health as well. 

If you adopt a kitten from an early age, then you need to do the hair brushing, trimming and brushing activity in order to get them accustomed with these. 

British Shorthair food

These cats are very healthy. You need to give them a proper and balanced diet with high-quality ingredients. You need to feed your cat as per the age of them. You need to give them a proper diet as per their growth, energy level, age and regular activity. 

You can give them homemade foods based on meat. You can give them beef, chicken, turkey and rabbit as well. You will have to give them the boiling meat and vegetables. 

You should know the fact that a raw diet will give their fur silky and shiny. It makes their fur smooth enough. 

They are very intelligent and a good supervisor as well. They will follow you room to room in order to notice your daily routine. They are a good companion and you should adopt them as a pet.

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