Bengal Cats

As we all know the fact that people of Bengal are not at all idle and sit calm. They are born to be athlete. So, their cats have some traits of athletic as well. The Bengal cats are not at all delicate, soft and calm. They are athletes, graceful and agile. They also have strong, powerful and muscular body as well. If you first see them, you may think that they belong to jungle area. But apart from their wild and strong appearance, they are quite familiar with the domestic human families. They like to play a lot. They like to be affectionate as well. They have high energy. They also need a home that can match their energy and power. They can be a very good domestic pet as they are loyal and have strong personality as well. 

Bengal cat information

They are truly a unique breed of cats. They are also known as the house tiger as well. They have the wild cat blood in them. But if you are looking for a sweet and calm and gentle lap cat then this particular cat breed is not the right choice for you. These cats are independent just like wild cats. Many people are attracted towards the strong willing and independent cats. These cats have distinctive spotted coat and large in size and shape. 

Jean Mill, a cat breeder in California first wanted to create a new breed. So, through her breeding process, she got a spotted female. Later the Bengal was developed the Wild Asian Leopard and short haired and small domestic cat. Mill again started her Bengal breeding programme in the year 1963. After that Bengal got their cat breed in the early 1980s. In the year 1991, the Bengal cat was recognized by The International Cat Association. They derived its name from the Latin name of their wild ancestors. This new domestic breed was recognized as the pleasant and trustworthy familiar companion. In UK, this particular cat breed is now ranked as the fifth most popular cat. 

Bengal Cats
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Bengal cat personality

This particular breed of cat is highly active and intelligent as well. So, as a cat owner, it will be fun to live with them. But sometimes, they make the situation challenging as well. They are extremely curious, smart and active as well. They love their owner and their families. They can do whatever in order to get back their attention. He also likes to take things and food and hide them as well. They are very mischievous kind of cat. They are best suited with the older children. 

They are always alert. Nothing escapes from their notice. They love to play games and fetch things from far away and also climb to the high structure. They have affectionate disposition. They have high energy. They are playful as well. They are one kind of a vocal breed. They raise their voice while they see any unpleasant situation. They need some companions in order to remove their boredom. 

Bengal cat price

If you want to buy this particular breed from a good and well-known breeder then you need to spend $1500 to $3000. There are so many factors that will decide this price of this particular breed. The personality traits and some other important things may be the reason for it. The kitten’s age, generation, quality and temperament also determine the price factor. 

Bengal cat care

They have short and thick coat. So, it is very much easy to take care of them. You can do your job by combing them once in a week or so. You can also remove their dead hair once in a week. The bath is not really necessary for them. But you need to brush them in order to prevent the periodontal disease. So, the regular dental hygiene is the best for this cat breed. You need to trim their nails every couple of weeks. You can also use the soft and damp cloth in order to wipe out the eyesight discharge. 

You will have to check their ears as well. If you find any dirt there, then you can use the cotton ball or soft damp cloth to clear it out. You can use the warm water and vinegar solution in the ratio of 50:50. 

Actually, they do not need so much grooming and care. But they enjoy the attention gained at the time of grooming. But for their good health, it is very much important to give them regular vaccinations, parasite control and also take them for the yearly health check-ups. 

Bengal Cats
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Bengal cat food

Each cat has their own personal likes and dislikes. They are unique in their own ways. While it comes to the matter of food, they are little bit choosy as well. As we all know the fact that cats are carnivores and they obtain 41 types of different nutrients from their foods. But the proportion of the food and nutrients may vary and depending on age and size of the cat. It also depends on the lifestyle and overall health as well. 

So, an energetic kitten needs different and higher amount of nutrient balance as compared to the less active older cats. You will have to feed them the right and proper quantity of food in order to maintain the ideal body structure and condition of this particular cat breed. 

Bengal cat toys

As you have already seen the fact that Bengal cats are active and energetic, so, they need the proper toys to play and cut their boredom as well. They love to scratch on things, so, you may give them a piece of ripple rug. They love to travel and play hide and seek as well. So, a tunnel will be a perfect toy for them. Apart from these, there are so many toys that you can give them and keep them active all the time. 

This is one of the best cat breeds for the children of your house. They are not at all harmful for their owners and their family members. If you want to keep a cat that needs little care and grooming, then Bengal cats are the best choice for you.

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