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If you love birds, then cockatiel is the great choice for you as pet. They are small members of parrot family. They are very much popular as pets. You will love it when you first see them. Their cute and attractive look will mesmerize you. You will love their look when you see their vibrant colour, Mohawk-like hair and also the cheeky personalities. But before buying them and taking them to your home, you will have to check all the details about them and know all information related to this particular breed?

Cockatiel history

You should know all about these birds before taking them to your home. They are native to the semi-arid regions of Australia. They prefer the open-environment as well. They were first discovered hundred years ago in Australia by James Cook. He was a British sailor and explorer. He brought one cockatiel with him back to Europe and this grows cockatiel‘s popularity all around the world. But in the year 1894, Australia banned the export of native birds to different countries. 

Due to the open-environment, these birds do not have ear-piercing sound like parrot. Wild breed of this bird fly to the ground in order to forage for foods. They can be boarded with more ease than other birds. 

During the year 1900, it has become the popular pets. They have friendly personality as well. They can add natural essence in your home-life. 


Cockatiel colours

The wild one has grey body with yellow patches on face and crest and orange cheek as well. In the male birds, the colours on the face are brighter than the female birds. But there are so many colour developments in case of this bird. There are so many common varieties. These are such as follows:

  • Lutino: They are white birds with yellow mask, red eyes and orange cheeks as well.
  • Albino: They have lack of feather pigmentation.
  • Pied: They are typically wild cockatiel. They have yellow and off-white colours.
  • Silver: Some have recessive silver and dominant silver cockatiel mutation.

There are some other mutations such as emerald, pastel face, white face, cream face and yellow cheek birds. You can make easy differentiation between male and female as per the colour variation. But in case of young birds, the differentiation can be hard enough. 

Cockatiel price

At the time of buying, you will have to buy a young one in order to handle them perfectly. The cost of these birds will vary as per the colour variety. If you want a well-handled young bird, then you will have to spend $100 to $300. These birds are widely available in pet stores all over the world. 

You will have to look for the birds that are active, bright and alert as well. You should avoid such birds hat is sitting ideally and quietly with puffed feathers. They might be ill. The feather of the birds should be smooth and shiny as well. You will also have to notice their nails and it should be in good condition. The beak of them should be smooth and well-shaped as well. Their nostrils should also be clean an clear. 

Cockatiel care

They need a spacious cage to live. If you want to take them home as pet, then you should bring a pair of birds. It will be a good idea and make good company as well. But if you want to keep a single bird, then it is fine as well. But in this case, you will have to spend a quality of time with them. As an owner, you will have to spend quality time with them of interacting. They like to play and socialize a lot. 

Apart from this, you will have to clean their cages regularly. These birds are generally messy type. They produce enough powdery dust from their feathers. You will have to bathe them or spay with water minimum once in a week. 

They love to play so they need large cage and space. You will have to clip their nails and wings twice a year. You can do it by yourself after learning the method. You will have to keep them away from the kitchen area as the fumes of heated Teflon can kill them. 


Cockatiel food

In case of their diet plan, you will have to notice the fact that variety is the key to a healthy for them. You can give those birds seeds. These are very nutritious for them. But you should not give them more than 30% of seeds. Pelleted diet is the best and right choice for these birds. You can also offer them a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. Generally, they eat one tablespoon food per day. So, it is very much important and matters what goes into that tablespoon. 

You can give those birds seed and pallet mixture at the time of morning. They are not inclined to eat too much. You should give them the spoiling food. Apart from these, you can give them the hard-boiled egg, cooked meats and legumes as well. You can also give them vitamin A with bell peppers, carrot, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and all. You should not give these birds avocadoes, chocolates, salt and coffee. 

For some special treat, you can give them a honey stick r millet spray once in a month. You will have to give them the fresh water all the times. 

Cockatiel toy

They are playing birds and love so much interaction. You will have to play with them at least one hour a day. You can also give them toys in order to entertain themselves inside the cage. They love to get out of their living cage and perch on a t-stand. You can give the two or three toys for their enjoyment. You can give them the puzzle games that hide treats. It is exciting for them. Activities will make them happy and active. 

These birds have charming personalities. For this, they have high demands as pets. They are very popular as pets. So, if you love them, then go and grab one for your house. They will be a good pet by times.

Written by: Webard

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