A Peek Into The Playful World Of Shih Tzu

You are planning to get yourself a four-legged companion who can keep you engaged throughout the day. You have in mind to get your hands on a captivating breed called Shih Tzu. This breed is a complete show stopper with its long silky fur covering every inch of its body and its cute muzzle adding to its charm. This breed of dog is known for its extrovert demeanour and fierce loyalty towards its owner. Shih Tzu can make your day with its outgoing gait and jovial antics. They will make sure that you are not left out or bored for a single moment as they love nothing more than engaging and snuggling up to their owners.

Shih Tzu Information

This breed can trace its origin to parts of China and Tibet. They have their names etched on the royal history of China where they were used as working dogs who were placed beside the Chinese royal emperors to increase the aura of the courts. They are traditionally known as �Shi-Tzu Koi’ which roughly translates into �Lion Dog’. It is believed that Lord Buddha had a lion as a companion with whom he rode on Earth. The Shih Tzu has a stance of a lion due to which this breed was highly respected and admired in the Chinese Imperial courts. 

The popularity of Shih Tzu spread across the globe as they were used as gifts for the nobility and rich businessmen. They were popularized by the English and the Dutch noble households and finally made their advent in the United States of America in the year 1930.

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Characteristics

This breed looks nothing less than royalty with its strong and tough body structure together with smooth long furs giving it an attractive look. They might look sturdy from the exterior but are actually very affable with its furry plume tail curling from the back.

They grow up to a height of 9 to 10 inches till the shoulder and weigh around 10 to 17 pounds. This little bundle of happiness has a life span ranging from 12 years to 16 years. Shih Tzu dogs are always high on energy and are constantly active. There are a lot of adjectives which can describe this furry beauty. They are amiable, outgoing, mix well with people, always on alert, and fiercely loyal. They respond very well to obedience training programs and can prove to be very agile if trained well. This cute silky fur-ball will be like a ray of sunshine in your household, constantly jumping and playing around. If they feel tired, they will prefer snuggling up to your lap. 

When you have this royal beauty by your side, you will never feel a tinge of monotony as they can infuse a spark of exuberance into the environment. They are also capable of guarding the household because they are highly brave and alert creatures who can sense small changes in the environment. One look at those dark brown eyes and its cute muzzle can melt your heart. You will definitely enjoy cuddling up to their long glossy fur and ruffle their soft muzzle for ages.

Shih Tzu Colours

Shih Tzu comes in a variety of colours and each of them looks extremely appealing. Their wavy long fur coat can carry any colour and make a fashion statement. The black colour is a rarity for this breed. They generally spot black colour with patches of white all over their body. The pure black variant of Shih Tzu exists but they are very hard to find.

This breed also comes in a blue colour. This colour occurs because the black tint gradually fades to give way to a lighter shade. In the blue variant, the D-allele gene dominates the black gene due to which the fur becomes faded with a tinge of blue.

The brindle variant looks stunning with various colour patterns adorning its body. The brindle variant spots different shades of the same colour. It can spot various hues of brown, amber, apricot and tan. Generally, these colour patterns start to fade once the dog grows up and give way to a lighter shade of a single colour with patches here and there.

The white and the silver variant of this breed is a sight to behold. They have soft, creamy furs and the pristine white colour adds to its allure. Some of the Shih Tzu dogs have pink patches on their nose. The cream velvety furs make them look like a cute bundle. White Shih Tzu dogs are a rarity. The silver variant looks very attractive with its gossamer and shimmery furs together with its dark brown or black eyes. The shine sets it apart from the crowd. The silver variant comes with patches of white in certain parts of its body.

The golden coloured Shih Tzu dogs look absolutely gorgeous and royal. The pure golden colour is rare to find and they are always spotted with a combination of white and cream. When the golden variant grows up, the colour of its fur coat starts fading and gives way to a light yellow hue.

Shih Tzu dogs also come in red variant in which they look vibrant as ever. Red and black are generally the base colours which fade to become white, cream or light brown.

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Price

The Shih Tzu dogs can prove to be very expensive if you are looking for superior breed and lineage. The average cost of acquiring a Shih Tzu can lie anywhere between $500 and $1200 if you are going for mixed colours and low bred lineages. The median price of Shih Tzu dogs is pegged at $712.50.

If you want to get your hands on the variants coming from finer pedigrees and spotting solid colours, you might have to shell out around $2000 to $3000. Shih Tzu dogs were royalty in China. Some variants are carefully bred from its original ancestry. If you are looking for variants from its supreme breed then the dog might cost you around $10000.

Shih Tzu Care

Shih Tzu dogs need proper grooming and training to stay fit and healthy. Make sure you have small snacks and water always available on stainless steel bowls so that it does not go hungry during its formative years. You need to regularly brush your Shih Tzu’s fur so that it retains its silky texture and remains free from various foreign particles. Make sure you trim your dog’s long furs so that it does not touch the ground. You should also trim the hair surrounding its anus so that your dog remains clean while relieving itself. 

Try to engage your Shih Tzu with chewable toys and various light physical exercises to burn its calories and increase its agility.

Shih Tzu Food

Shih Tzu dogs are highly energetic animals and they need a good amount of proteins during their formative years. Be it well balanced manufactured food or homemade food, this breed needs high protein diet together with a dash healthy fats which they tend to burn off during their activities. Chicken, eggs, sea-foods, are excellent food choices for Shih Tzu dogs.

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